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Terms of Use for Stanford-branded themes

The following terms of use apply to all Stanford-branded themes, including but not limited to:

  • Stanford Framework
  • Stanford Light
  • Stanford Basic

These terms of use do not apply to Open Framework, which is free of Stanford branding.

Terms of Use

Stanford University owns all Stanford-branded themes and governs their use to benefit academic, research, communication and other University activities and interests. The University has the right to protect the use of these themes, the University name and University identity marks such as its seal, logos and symbols in all situations.

Use of the Stanford-branded themes is limited to Stanford University academic and administrative activities. Use is granted solely to:

  • University academic departments, centers and research groups;
  • University¬†administrative units;

The Stanford brand bar and Stanford universal footer should not be edited or altered in any way, following the Identity toolkit guidelines.

Permission to use the themes is on a per-site basis. You will need to make a separate request for each website on which you would like to use these themes.

For more information about policies related to the Stanford University identity guidelines, please see